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We are a company that has been involved in the development of solutions for the construction Industry. So our aim is Research, Develop, Promote and Market the Solutions we create. We have been at this for the last nine years, being involved in some exciting technology.Further more our staff have been involved in projects that use on-the-edge technology, like for example the first sustainable city being built in Abu Dhabi, Masdar. This is a dynamic time in the sector of Sustainability, but there are organisations making it a dirty word from their marketing ploys. If you need reminding exactly what the definition of Sustainability is.... One of the clearer definitions.

Hope you enjoy the contents of our Website, maybe you can find an application or information that you may find useful.

We have quite a few projects in development so please keep in in what we are up too.

Our Challenge

We believe that the majority of people are aware of the environmental impact from their daily lives, but do not have the opportunity to reduce their consumption in our ever accelerating lifestyles.


Some of the Technologies or Solutions we are involved with:

  • In Development: Sustainable building system, based on using a Yurt concept
  • In Research: Embedded control systems, Liquid Desiccant dehumidification & cooling
  • On the Market: Solar assisted heat systems, IP Applications
  • Consultancy: Sustainable HVAC design, Green Building, Virtual Network


‘Interview with our MD Neil Turley at the Eco-Innovation Summit’

Posted on November 14, 2009


AguaQuenteSolar.pt goes live

Posted on January 14, 2013

We have created a website, with our UK Partner NetGreen Solar, to market suitable Solar thermal Solutions for the Portuguese market.

We are now focusing on promoting Solutions that can save energy, therefore money, plus can be 100% financed. Even with the financing costs included, the savings are large enough to still make substantial savings.

An obvious sector that can generate large savings from using Solar thermal energy is the Tourism industry. Our the first few months of this year we will be supporting our UK Partner to undertake a market research program in this sector, to disseminate our message.

Link to Web Site (in portuguese).

Initiation of βeta Phase of ‘NetGreen Heat’

Posted on July 28, 2012

We have chosen 30 suitable residential properties to promote our solar assisted heating system, which has the option of adding an Adsorportion chiller to providing cooling (using solar thermal heat).

‘NetGreen Heat’ has the advantage of significantly reducing running costs (example house below reduced by 1,200%) and reducing the emissions of C0² (example house below indicated by 2.8 tonnes per year), when comparing with a conventional Propane Gas central heating system.

Whilst our system has been proven during the last two years of trails, we will continue to develop the optimisation of the thermal storage design and the Embedded Interactive control strategy. The aim is to improve on the fossil fuel consumption, and the User’s interaction with the system, whilst providing the option of remote ‘Real Time Support’.

Example promotional presentation. English and in Portuguese