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Our Company is based for the last fourteen years, in between Estoril and Cascais, Portugal.

Our team is quite mobile as the Projects we undertake can necessarily mean we have to travel throughout Europe,in our involvement in projects.

We optimise our team resources by using IP Applications, such on-line Databases, Video Conferencing and Intranets. We feel this is a more efficient method of functioning, cutting unnecessary traveling (as the conventional Model dictates) therefore more Sustainable

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    Net Green Developments Lda
    Av. da Venezuela, No.1
    Monte Estoril
    Estoril 2765 455


Please note we do not product our phone contact details as each of our team uses mobile phone technology, not Fixed.

Initial contact using email we feel is the most appropriate method to reach the most suitable Team member, concerning your Enquiry. The email also provides a written record to ensure we respond in an efficient manner.


News Archive goes live

Posted on January 14, 2013

We have created a website, with our UK Partner NetGreen Solar, to market suitable Solar thermal Solutions for the Portuguese market.

We are now focusing on promoting Solutions that can save energy, therefore money, plus can be 100% financed. Even with the financing costs included, the savings are large enough to still make substantial savings.

An obvious sector that can generate large savings from using Solar thermal energy is the Tourism industry. Our the first few months of this year we will be supporting our UK Partner to undertake a market research program in this sector, to disseminate our message.

Link to Web Site (in portuguese).

Initiation of βeta Phase of ‘NetGreen Heat’

Posted on July 28, 2012

We have chosen 30 suitable residential properties to promote our solar assisted heating system, which has the option of adding an Adsorportion chiller to providing cooling (using solar thermal heat).

‘NetGreen Heat’ has the advantage of significantly reducing running costs (example house below reduced by 1,200%) and reducing the emissions of C0² (example house below indicated by 2.8 tonnes per year), when comparing with a conventional Propane Gas central heating system.

Whilst our system has been proven during the last two years of trails, we will continue to develop the optimisation of the thermal storage design and the Embedded Interactive control strategy. The aim is to improve on the fossil fuel consumption, and the User’s interaction with the system, whilst providing the option of remote ‘Real Time Support’.

Example promotional presentation. English and in Portuguese

Phase 1 Renovations started - Pioneering Sustainable Luxury house

Posted on March 10, 2012

We are completing Phase 1 of an exciting new project, renovating a high value, large four floored domestic property in Monte Estoril, Portugal, into a pioneering Sustainable Luxury house. The Master Plan will be completed in 4 phases, over three years, allowing the property to be occupied throughout the works and staging the investment by the owners. The completed project shall produce an improved sustainable lifestyle for the occupants, with the addition of an advanced, futuristic IP system for Multimedia and web-based controls and automated systems. All interior designs and finishes shall be of the quality deserved by a multi-million Euro valued property.

Sustainable Technology to be used in this Project:

  • Roof Thermal Insulation Upgrade - Sandwich Panel system with integral RE structure
  • Solar Assisted Space heating, with Auxiliary Heat Pump systems
  • Occupation controlled Space heating system.
  • Renewable Electrical Energy Generation, including storage capacity.
  • Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Controls
  • Usage of a 12V DC electrical circuits, integrated with AC circuits and Utility Grid.
  • IP network, with supporting local Server, enabling house wide Multimedia.
  • Interactive web based controls and Security.
  • Water Consumption reducing systems, such as Hot water circulation and Grey water reuse.
  • LED lighting fixtures and Occupation Lighting controls
  • Fresh Air circulation, with Heat Recovery on Extract
  • Solar Swimming Pool Heating, with reversible thermal storage circuit for Heat Pump.
  • External wall cladding to improve thermal insulation characteristics
  • Waste Recycling systems, including separation for occupant's reuse.
  • Sustainable food production, based on the principal of Aquaponics.

More details once Phase 1 is completed.

Proposal to Validate & Valuate Eco-Innovation Projects being evaluated for potential EU support.

Posted on June 01, 2010

An Eco-Innovation Summit was held on the eve of the spring European Council, 23rd March, where EU government leaders discussed the key goals for the Europe 2020 Strategy, the Lisbon Council reconvened its Eco-Innovators Network under the timely theme of Europe 2020: Resource Efficiency as a Driver of Sustainable Growth and Jobs. Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, kicked-off the debates by sharing his vision of high environmental standards and resource efficiency as key drivers for Europe’s new sustainable growth and jobs agenda. Later in the day, Jules Kortenhorst, CEO of the European Climate Foundation, laid out a concise blueprint for a low-carbon future, explaining the important role that eco-innovation will play in replacing old and polluting technologies.

Our Managing Director, Neil Turley, as member of the Eco-Innovator Network took the opportunity to present our Policy Paper "How to make Eco-Innovation to a Commercial reality, rather than it just being identified as R&D" to Janez Potočnik and members of his cabinet, on viable commercial support for SMEs promoting Eco Innovation.

A graphical illustration of our proposal, Valuation & Validation Process, can also be downloaded

We have recently learned that the Papers content is presently being evaluated to become part of the EU policy in support of Eco Innovation throughout Europe. Our source indicated that the EU Strategy documentation should be completed in the late summer. We wait in baited breath. …

Read more soon…

Update - Innovative Residential renovation Project

Posted on December 02, 2010

We started the Design process nine months ago and we are into month four of the reconstruction works. Our client allowed us to suggest "Green" concepts into the Design phase, whilst allowing us to provide a design that is expandable as future technology comes on line. On top of that we had the challenge to reduce project costs but also direct the client to some innovative decorative solutions to bring the house back to the original Architectural look of the 1920's.

The "Green" systems such as Solar assisted heating, Passive ventilated cooling using Earth Pipes and Energy Efficiency control systems, meant we also had to introduce a none propriety, flexible, IT Network Solution into the house. The wired network was based on the Abitana IP Solution, integrating sensors, controllers, relay switches into this infrastructure. With a Home Server acting as the heart of the system, the clients family will be able to use Multimedia libraries (personal and Internet based), control and monitor Security and Building systems (Lighting & HVAC) easily, using wireless connected Tablet computers that will be scattered about the house.

Add all this to esthetic features such as indirect lighting and period decorative features (example... see the ORAC range), the result will be a house that can be visualised as 'model' for future renovation projects.

We will provide more detail in the coming months.

Solar assisted Heat Pump Installation commissioned

Posted on March 18, 2010

Uses the combination of solar thermal energy of 12 m² of Heat Pipe/Vacuum tubes, with the backup of an air/water heat pump, to provide house space heating (during Winter, Spring and Autumn seasons), hot water (100%, all year) and swimming pool heating (during Summer season). …

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Stock Clearance during Copenhagen Summit weeks

Posted on December 7, 2009

We are clearing some of our stock of Solar Collectors, provided by Net Green Solar, at a low price of 360€ per 1.5 sq.m collector. We can provide guidance on design and components if you want to try the installation yourself, or recommend a certified installer. This size collector can provide sufficient hot water for a family house.
Other components required to build a Solar system - Hot water cylinder (min. 150 litres capacity), circulation pump, controller and pipe work & accessories. Possible to purchase all the components for under a 1,000€

Contact us if you are interested.

‘Interview with our MD Neil Turley at the Eco-Innovation Summit’

Posted on November 14, 2009

‘Proposal: Financial valuation of SME development projects that reduces C02 emissions’

Posted on November 6, 2009

Our Managing Director, Neil Turley, was invited to an ECO-Innovation Summit in Brussels, convened by the Lisbon Council.

The aim was to bring visionary business leaders together with key financers for sustainable growth, global multinational corporations and leading policy makers.

Our MD was directed to make ‘Impulse Statements’ during the discussions and Presentations. We took the opportunity to table the issue of the difficulties in raising finance, via European Investment Bank sponsored Guarantees, for innovative environmental friendly development projects.
We promote the pragmatic view that it is to late to invest the majority of the EU funding in Research rather to concentrate on investing in the installation of existing technology as quickly as possible. Time is not on our side at present.

We issued a Paper to expand on what was proposed at the summit titled -‘Proposal: Financial valuation of SME development projects that reduces C02 emissions’,to two participants that responded to the issue when it was raised.
Simon Brooks, Vice president European Investment Bank and
Mervé Martin head of LIFE – Environment and Eco-innovation, DG Environment, European Commission.

We hope that our suggestions may invigorate the discussion on how to improve the chances of SMEs being able to raise capital via Commercial banks, to enable feasible development projects to go ahead. We feel this can only be done if a financial valuation can be made on the amount of C0² saved by the proposed project.[…]

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Copenhagen 7-18 December 2009

Posted on October 13, 2009

Our moment to test the morals of the human race. Either it will be a meeting of recriminations, with perilous repercussions. Or it will be moment when our values change for ever, requiring our politicians to be brave on our behalf. …

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Marketing Solar thermal systems

Posted on August 3, 2009

Net Green Solar Ltd, based in the UK, has agreed to marketing of their products in Portugal. Both companies have been working closely in developing further the Solar assisted heating systems.[…]

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Concept Design completed of the Sustainable Yurt dwelling

Posted by Admin on July 12, 2009

The Development team finalised the Concept design with the idea of introducing the project into Angola, to provide a solution to develop sustainable communities[…]

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Dehumid Project Completed

Posted on March 13, 2008

A three year partly EU funded CRAFT development project, DEHUMID, has finally been completed with success.
The european wide Consortium of Institutions and SMEs developed a small Liquid Desiccant dehumifier, in which Net Green Developments had the role of field testing the unit. …

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First Product Marketing Company formed

Posted on August 29, 2005

Net Green Solar Ltd has been incorporated in the UK to commercialise the Solar Heat Product developed by Net Green Developments. Both companies shall continue working closely in developing further the Solar assisted heating systems.[…]

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Our MD interviewed on Television

Posted by Admin on July 12, 2004

Managing Director, Eng. Neil Turley, was interviewed on the Portuguese Television program (RTP2) concerned with Science and Innovation '2010'. The interview was focused on the Solar heat solution being developed using PCM thermal storage material[…]

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