What Services we provide

Provide support for building owners, architects, engineers and contractors who want to build high performance, sustainable buildings. serves as a liaison for team members on technical issues; provides insight on innovative sustainable technologies; identifies energy conservation measures and associated financial incentives, clarifies and interprets the BREEAM/LEED rating systems.

The objective is based on promoting buildings that are designed, built and operated in a manner that improves the health, well-being and productivity of people and the environment.

With the rising cost of energy and the advancement of more efficient, tighter buildings, precise Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) design has become essential to achieving energy conservation and increase the building owner’s expectations on comfort.

The list the areas that we provide support:

  1. Sustainable HVAC Design
  2. Green Building
  3. Energy and Water Audits
  4. Virtual Network

International Consultative Support

With Europe becoming more interlinked so are the client base. Clients are demanding that their Consultant should be able to provide a flexibility to ensure a continuity of services, wherever their properties reside in different European locations.

We offer local support for International Building Services Consultants. Our team and resources work closely with the Principal Consultant to provide consultancy services, such as HVAC Design, Condition Surveys, Witnessing and Snagging procedures.


Our existing Partner Consultants that we have a support relationship:

MEIT Associates, London


Sustainable HVAC Design

We offer our clients practical solutions to their energy, engineering and environmental needs and assist them in reducing their overheads as well as improving their impact upon the Environment.

Our team of technology experts can turn any building or infrastructure project into a modern, state-of-the-art, working creation that responds well to occupants’ preferences and communicates its needs to control systems and maintenance teams.

We possess the knowledge that can help clients create sustainable green buildings of ultimate quality and technical advancement and we can also design tailor-made solutions to suit commercial and market preferences. That also supports Sustainable Building Practices through the entire Life-Cycle of your project.

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Green Building

Net Green Developments offers Residential consulting for architects, builders, contractors, and homeowners. Our engineering services will add value to your project by optimizing the equipment cost, energy efficiency, and operating economics of your building systems. Using our whole-house building approach, will allow for seamless integration of the various space conditioning system components. Accurate system sizing and design is the key to maximizing comfort for homeowners, while reducing call backs for builders. We also provide training for builders and their contractors on the optimal installation of systems that they would not necessary install, such as systems like forced-air ductwork to eliminate distribution and performance deficiencies. […]

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